CONFIRMATION from December 2015

by Ashley Perkins

I’m Still Here – Thomas Ravenel

On December 30th, 2015, my Mom wrote a South Carolina attorney, who was a friend of hers, and asked him for legal advice. She asked me to help her compile this into a .pdf file in order to send to her attorneys. The following file is from this particular time when my mother asked for my technical assistance. She gave me personal access and ownership of this document at this time.

As you can see from this document / screen shot .pdf compilation / the facts are the same THEN as they are TODAY.

What I find ironic is that her friend KNEW the man she was referring to without even giving his name. This is just how notorious the alleged sexual abuser Thomas Ravenel is among South Carolinians – The proverbial “boys will be boys club” #alleged

If Bravo insists on keeping this man who continually degrades, humiliates, insults, and verbally assaults women online, then I will continue my efforts at having him removed from Southern Charm.

My mother is still, today, scared of Thomas Ravenel for obvious reasons. Being held against your will with a penis in your face is not something one forgets overnight – *allegedly*

BRAVO, Thomas Ravenel, is becoming the POSTER CHILD for the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. It is TIME for Bravo to do what others have done before them. Take a stand for WOMEN! We, as women, deserve this. By you allowing this “man” to continually behave in this fashion essentially stamps your approval and endorsement of his LEWD behavior.

We, as women viewers, will not forget this. We are your target audience. You depend on us. It is time. MAN UP BRAVO and do the right thing!

Ashley Perkins


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