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1. You are the person who got the ball rolling on the sexual assault allegations against Thomas Ravenel. When you came forward in April and told your story about what happened to your mom, you inspired a lot of other people to step forward and talk about their experiences with him. Now it looks like there might be some accountability as a result of an investigation into Ravenel’s alleged criminal sexual assault of another woman. Given that you have spent so much time and energy trying to see Ravenel brought to justice – why would you do anything to stand in the way of that potentially happening?

Response: I would never stand in the way of true justice and whether I dislike him or not, even Thomas Ravenel deserves justice. When the detective questioned me after Dawn gave them my number, I had to answer them truthfully. The truth is that Dawn and I conversed around twenty hours and she told me her version of events at least ten times going into extreme detail each time. I believed Dawn and I encouraged her to go to the police. Following her interview with the police and her interview with People, I saw that her story was completely different than what she had been sharing with me over the course of weeks.

At this point, I broke contact with Dawn as I no longer believed her story and I didn’t want to be involved. I immediately contacted Erin Martin with “Pink Shade” and we talked on the phone about my concerns. I was very upset when I called her and I felt very betrayed by Dawn and needed advice from Erin. Erin knew back in May that I had serious doubts about Dawn’s version of events. Shortly after my conversation with Erin, I was contacted by Detective Malinowski as Dawn had given him my number. Later that day last May, I saw the People magazine article and immediately called the Detective back and shared with him the inconsistencies. I also spoke with Mr. Ravenel’s attorneys within the same week where I also told them what Dawn had shared with me. These conversations with the police and the attorney took place last May 2018. This is not a recent event.

2. In your tweet, you indicated that the story Dawn told you bore “no resemblance” to the police report and Dawn’s interviews with the media. What were the inconsistencies? Do you no longer believe Dawn was sexually assaulted by Thomas?

Response: I have no idea what happened between Dawn and Thomas as I was not there in the house with them. All I know is what Dawn told me and what I read that she told others and they were different versions. The version Dawn shared with me conflicts with the version she is currently telling. As this is a pending investigation that may lead to a trial, I do not want to hinder the investigation. Dawn’s version told to me from the very beginning doesn’t align with what she told authorities and the media. The details she shared with me were escalated when talking with the media.

3. You mentioned in your tweet that you had talked to the police and to Ravenel’s attorneys. What did you tell them?

Response: I was 100% honest when questioned by the Detective, even though I hated providing potentially exonerating evidence for Thomas. All of my answers were honest and thorough. I simply repeated to both the attorney and the Detective what Dawn, herself, had said to me.

4. How did your mom react to your comments? It has struck many as awkward that you would do anything to defend someone who sexually assaulted her.

Response: My mother and I do not talk about Thomas Ravenel. It was painful for me to have to provide truthful information that could help Thomas but what would anyone do in this situation. I didn’t ask for this. Dawn contacted me and brought me into this situation. I obviously believed her or I would not have encouraged her to go to the police. Once faced with the truth, however, I did what anyone would do in my situation. I told the truth, even though it helped someone who had “allegedly” hurt my mother.

5. As you have probably seen, social media has not been kind to you in response to your tweet. You’ve been called a lot of names and people have accused you of being paid by Ravenel. Or communicating with Ravenel either directly or by proxy. How do you respond to those criticisms and allegations?

Response: I knew when I told the truth that the lynch mob would come after me, but I felt as though I had no choice. I have been absent from social media most of the summer in an attempt to avoid the endless questions. I have been contacted by media sources and I have not responded to them. For those who believe I have “flipped” in my support of Dawn, they need to realize I never supported Dawn’s version to police or the news media. I ceased all contact with her once I read the People article that she gave after the police interview. As far as me or anyone in my family receiving a “pay out” from Thomas Ravenel, that is totally false and defamatory. I have had no contact with Thomas Ravenel and I most certainly have received no money from anyone regarding this situation. Also, there seems to be a version where my mother went to the police and the police didn’t believe her story and that is also completely false. My mother called Gloria Allred, who agreed to represent her and no police were involved. This has been covered extensively.

6. Why now? Why not last week or last month? What changed with your relationship with Dawn?

Response: After Thomas was arrested, I knew it was time to share the truth. When the charges were downgraded to battery, that sounded more like the version of events she shared with me, rather than forcible rape. I have no ill feelings toward Dawn and I pray she receives the justice she deserves. I wish she had not put me in this extremely awkward position where I was forced to make a very difficult choice. When Dawn first contacted me back in the spring, she told me that she had a screen shot of a twitter exchange between my mother and Kathryn Dennis where my Mom was warning Kathryn of how dangerous Thomas was and this exchange included the photos of my mother’s injured wrists. I thought it was odd that she had this information but she told me that she was close to Kathryn and that Kathryn gave it to her. So, when Dawn saw my initial twitter post regarding my Mom’s wrist injury, she recognized me and contacted me.

This is how our relationship began and Dawn basically contacted me almost daily before going to the police. Dawn shared with me very intimate details of her life and of the events with Thomas and she also was a support to me during this time. I regret that things turned out the way they did but I had no control over this outcome.

I stand by the truth and wish her the best. Unfortunately telling the truth comes with a price and most certainly will not win you any popularity contest.

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