My Journey to Becoming A Mommy

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From the day my little sister was born and I held her for the first time, I knew that my main purpose in life was to be a mother. My Grandmother had passed away in April of 2014 and my last words to her were that one day I would have a baby - this had always been her dream for me. The moment I promised her this, she grasped my hand. This was the only movement she had made in 24 hours. A few hours later and my Grandmother left this world.

Journey to Conception

PHOTO: Me with my little sister after her birth

The years following my Grandmother's death were hard for my family as my Grandmother had been the HUB of our lives. I worked as a nanny for years and I fell in love with these children. As a promise to my Grandmother, my Mom and I decided to return to school together in the fall of 2015. We attended every class together and we both graduated with honors in 2016.

After graduating with a Degree in Hospitality and Tourism in 2016, I was 27 years old and ready to start my family. One big problem, I did not have a husband and had never met anyone I wanted to marry. I told my Mom that if I made it to 30 and was still single that I would try to have a baby on my own and she completely supported me and my decision.

PHOTO: This is my very supportive Mom and my best friend!

Well...FAST FORWARD to last year and I was 29+ and I decided it was time to begin trying to conceive. Last summer was my first attempt with artificial insemination and I did not achieve pregnancy. Many attempts later and I finally saw the elusive DOUBLE PINK line which meant I was pregnant. My Mom and I cried and begin to dream of baby names. We decided that if the baby was a girl, we would name her after my Great Grandmother on my Mom's side and her name was Grace Elizabeth. I loved the name Grace and it means so much to me and the way I was raised in a Christian home. Grace, it would be.

Then the worst happened and I miscarried this baby shortly after my positive test. I was devastated and shaken to the core. Through my tears, I decided to try again and I set up another round for the next month.

Many months later and now we are entering the summer of 2019 and I am 30 years old and still longing for a baby and a family of my own. I live with my Mom and I am financially secure but I do not have the funds for continued fertility treatments at this time. This past year year has been such an emotional roller coaster but at least I do know that I CAN CONCEIVE and have a great chance of becoming a Mommy if only I continue trying.

Each fertility attempt can cost up to or more than $2,000. After so many attempts, my savings are depleted and each year the chances of conceiving diminish greatly.

I remain positive and committed to my dream. Asking others to help me with my dream is nothing I had ever considered until now. I am the one who wants this baby and it is my decision. I just never imagined that I would be a single woman at 30 years of age and struggling to conceive.

I certainly understand that not everyone will be able to donate with money and I also know that their are many who will not want to donate money. This is my personal journey and one that I saved and planned for for a long time. But after many thousands of dollars later, I find myself creating this Go Fund Me Page in hopes that some of you may feel led to help me with my dream of being a Mommy.

Please share my story and I appreciate your prayers and support.

Also, I understand if you do not support my choice to be a single mother but please understand that I have thought this decision through very well. Please keep negative comments to yourself as I am trying to maintain a peaceful and positive attitude.

God bless you and thank you for reading!

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