Response to Thomas Ravenel & Attorneys

Statement from Ravenel’s lawyer:

“My client enjoys a certain degree of fame and unfortunately has become – unfairly – a target for an individual who has, in my opinion, dubious motivations.”

My response: 

I have basically two motivations regarding the sexual assault allegations and settlement with my mother.

  • I want to see Thomas Ravenel removed from Bravo and not just because of what he allegedly did to my mother but because of the negative comments he posts on a regular basis. For example, when an online person tried to help him with car seat installation, he responded with the words, “If I wanted your advice, I would beat it out of your gross face.” Instagram  This is just one of many. Also, the way Thomas treats women on the show Southern Charm is totally disrespectful to women everywhere and promotes an antiquated attitude of the “good ole boys” network and “boys will be boys” which is too commonly accepted. I want to see not only Thomas removed from the show but for Bravo to apologize to the audience for allowing Thomas to remain on the show with his reckless, threatening, and demeaning attitude to women.
  • I hope by coming forward that I will give strength and hope to other women who may feel that because they are in an inferior position with a man – such as a man with money or power – that they are not powerless. These men, such as Thomas Ravenel, are not invincible and they need to be stopped. This attitude of men dominating women must be stopped. The time is indeed up, not only for Thomas Ravenel but for women everywhere. I will fight for women’s rights from this day on and I pray that I live long enough to see a change where this issue is concerned.

My motivations are pure. My words are the truth and the truth will prevail. I speak from the knowledge that I possess based on a day long mediation as well as the months that preceded the mediation. Not to mention, Thomas Ravenel, had the nerve to call my mother on the “anniversary” within one day – of the alleged sexual assault – December 2016. She declined the call and I saw her e-mail her attorneys and he has NOT contacted her since.

This is my response to his lawyer’s request.

Ashley Perkins