yeah…not backing down….no way…never


To those of you who elevate themselves by insulting others, this is for you. Normally, I ignore trolls like you SAD LITTLE PEOPLE butt I’m in a spunky mood tonight. So……here goes!



I have over 70K followers on Facebook and many others on Instagram and Twitter. Do you honestly think I would dip into the depths of HELL with Thomas Ravenel #thomasravenel in order to promote myself?

My entire efforts have been for my mother who has ALWAYS been there for me and this is the entire reason. I will not stop and I won’t be thwarted by useless lifeforms known as trolls. Trolls have ZERO effect on me but I do not appreciate their inappropriate comments towards a woman who has done nothing in her life but raise two children as a single parent. THUS, I will fight. I will fight for the #MeToo movement and the #TimesUp Movement. I’ve had it with overbearing and dispicable PIGMEN.

This is for you Mom. I love you.


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FITSNews Interview: Ashley Perkins Speaks On Thomas Ravenel Allegations / The model who launched the Southern Charm sexual assault story speaks exclusively to this news site …


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