FYI For Subscribers of My Platforms

Ashley Perkins of Playboy

Info for My Subscribers

*** Please use CashApp or Venmo to Tip. The 20% REALLY adds up! ***

First of all, I want to thank all of you who have started using Venmo and CashApp. You ROCK!

Hey guys! If you are a subscriber on either my platforms, I wanted to answer a few questions.Hey guys! Some of you have asked about the policies of the two platforms.

First of all, both platforms take 20% of everything - this includes TIPS.

I request that if you are on either of these platforms and want to TIP - PLEASE use CashApp @$anperkin89 or Venmo @ashleyperks. This does not apply to purchases of sets etc. This is just if you want to "spoil me" with a tip/gift.

I appreciate it as the 20% adds up considerably!

Thank you guys! You are the BEST! XOXO Ashley