Monday Morning

Ashley Perkins Playboy Model

Monday Morning

It's just another Monday . . . the fall leaves are changing and a new season is upon us.

But this Monday is different for me. Nothing is the same or ever will be. I didn't cause this change nor am I in any way responsible for this change.

My personal safety and private information has been compromised. What kind of person would do this . . . a person I viewed as a trusted friend. A friend would never put another's life in danger. I'm beyond words but I will survive and take appropriate measures.

Promises should mean something. They should never be given carelessly or taken away or reissued with ultimatums. A broken promise is just another version of a lie.

Broken promises equal broken hopes and dreams. How cruel to give someone expectations and then squash that for no reason. I will never understand nor can this ever be justified or explained.

It's difficult to believe that someone could do something so evil and could care so little about me that they would risk my safety in an act of anger. 

So, it's Monday and everything looks the same but yet everything is different. Will I ever trust anyone again? What lies ahead?

Please be kind to others and realize the power of your words. Never make a promise you don't intend to keep. Never try to control another person. Life is so short. Don't let this be your legacy.

Happy Monday from Ashley